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Installed exclusively by professional, Authorized 3M STE Car Polish & Coating Center.
5 Years manufacturer's e-Warranty
3M AutoFilm comes with a five-year
e-Warranty that covers replacement
of the film due bubbling, peeling or blistering.
3M AutoFilm is durable, designed to last and maintenance free.
Increase Privacy & Security  Increase privacy for you and valuables with specific range of 3M AutoFilm products, available in tint levels that block up to 95% of visible light into your vehicle.
Stay connected Most of  3M Auto products use non-metallized window film that will not interface with mobile devides, GPS signals, and satellite radio reception. This eliminates the frustration of lost connectivity associated with metallic or hybrid windows films.

Stay Cool Experience ultimate comfort with rejection of up to 60% of total solar energy and up to 97% of heat-producing infrared rays.
Improve Safety Specific range 3M AutoFilm holds glass fragments in place when the glass is shattere…